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Guy's Frenchys actively helps children both at home and around the world!

iwk-logoThe IWK Foundation is a champion of excellence in women's and children's health and medicine in the Maritimes.

The IWK Foundation has been a proud charitable partner with Guy's Frenchy's since 2000. The 17 stores in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have run every fundraiser imaginable - from employee bake sales, walkathons and chocolate bar sales to West Jet raffles totaling over $31,000!

In the past 15 years, Guy's has raised more than $1,000,000 in support of the IWK Foundation. These funds have helped the Foundation purchase priority medical equipment for the health centre such as:

  • Pyxis Safe purchased in 2012
  • V-Max Encore Pump for the Respirology Department in 2011
  • 20 SMART Pumps for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in 2010
  • Humphrey Field Analyzer for the Eye Care Clinic in 2009

Funds raised also support the IWK's global leadership in research and knowledge sharing, which in turn improves lives worldwide. Visit for more information.

Thank you to Guy's staff and customers for making specialized care for Maritime children a reality!

Please use the donate button below if you would like to support our efforts.

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At Guy's Frenchys, we are the ultimate recyclers! By shopping our stores, you are helping prevent millions of pounds of clothing from going in the landfill! In addition to helping reduce our landfills, recycling helps our planet by reducing the amount of water, CO2 and pesticides required to produce new clothing.


Did you know...
To produce 1 new t-shirt, it takes approximately:

  • 7 lbs (3.2 kg) carbon dioxide
  • 700 gallons (2600 litres) of water
  • 1/3 lb (0.15 kg) of pesticides

Acadian WipersAlso, as an ultimate recycler, we recycle again what doesn't sell! We remove items that haven't sold in our stores on almost a daily basis! These items are sent to a warehouse where we export them to developing countries around the world in need. These items provide a great benefit to people and also help grow their local economies!

For more information on our exporting division, click here.

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